What Is a Wine Tour?

What Is a Wine Tour?A wine tour, or a wine-and-food tour, is a type of travel program that allows you to visit wineries, vineyards, and wine festivals. While visiting wine tours, you can obtain knowledge about wine and the wine industry, meet winemakers, taste and purchase handcrafted wine, and enjoy a good time in a picturesque area. Wherever you go on a wine tour, you will definitely visit the vineyards, see beautiful wineries, get acquainted with the technology of winemaking, take part in a wine tasting, and visit a gastronomic lunch. Another nice side of such tours is meeting adorable people who are dedicated to the winemaking process and are full of love for what they do.

A wine tour can also be called a gastronomic tour, as it usually comes with food. Vancouver Island Wine Tours often offers lunch stops with culinary master classes, cheese tastings, meat gastronomy, making wine, and gastronomic pairings. Therefore, our tours are always delicious. They allow you to enjoy both wine and authentic cuisine of the British Columbia and Southern Vancouver area with its fresh local products.

If you think such tours may be attractive only to those who are already fond of wine and understand it, we are here to change your mind! Even if you are a newbie and just starting to get interested in this amazing drink, our wine tour will show you the whole process of winemaking and let you understand it better. The rule “it is better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” works here like never before. Our experience shows that there are a lot of curious things around the wine, and you will definitely find something mind blowing during the trip.

There are over 5,000 grape varieties in the world. Historically, wherever a person has settled, he seeks to create conditions for growing grapes. Therefore, there are thousands of stories and various facts about wine, and all of them are fascinating.

Vancouver Island Wine Tours offers afternoon and full-day group wine tours from Victoria, British Columbia, to the Southern Vancouver Island wine regions. We are pleased to have established excellent relationships with the local vintners in the area offering guests a memorable personalized experience.